Happiness is hidden !


Happiness is hidden in everywhere

Without happiness no universe is there !

Happiness is the boon of earth

Without happiness human is not worth !


God created Adam and eve

And his dream is not fulfil

If god’s wish not become true

Is it possible for man’s wish to be sure?


Sometimes like success failure is also good thing to deal

Few good things must hidden in bad things to feel…

Others view good or bad is not our mistake

No society is there without mistakes

After mistakes modern society born

How shoes came into life, say thanks to thorn!


Every bitter flower has honey inside the cell

Pleasure pearl is living inside the suffering shell

All the truth held behind the lie…

After storm there is always rain and clear sky!

Heart is not bin to keep sorrow

Heart is the flower pot to grow…


Learn how to convert flowers into garlands

Learn how to convert tear drops into diamonds

Courage to face anything

Leads to fear nothing!


Sadness is the key to happiness

Failure is the path to success

If you accept, universe will impress!

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